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Charm of Bailey Bridge

Good quality Compact 200 (CB200) Bailey Bridge Configuration for sales
Good quality Compact 200 (CB200) Bailey Bridge Configuration for sales
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Charm of Bailey Bridge
Charm of Bailey Bridge

Beret Bailey bridge, generally referred to as assembly steel bridge, is mixed in many places, even the two words are equivalent to the steel bridge. Strictly speaking, steel bridge is not Bailey bridge, which contains Bailey bridge, only assembled steel bridge = Bailey bridge. Steel bridge is defined by manufacturing materials. The main characteristics of Bailey bridge are modularization, and the scope of steel bridge is wider. From the literal understanding, it can be said that the main body is steel structure bridge. But Bailey bridge is more typical and widely used. In contrast, the word "assembled steel bridge" is close to the original meaning of Bailey bridge, which can be said to explain what is Bailey bridge in another sense.
1. with the development of hydropower construction in China, most of the river water elevator level development has been extended to the upstream. The project site is mostly complex in topography and few people are found in the western mountainous areas. The access roads for the main project also span the rivers with fast flow. Construction sites are often sparsely populated and have no traffic and mountain convenience. Kara, the standard practice of civil x standard for the young machine room special road Jiaotong Gou hydropower station is located on the upper right bank of Yalong River, and Yalong construction area is located in the construction area on the left bank without any road leading to the opposite bank of the river. Before construction, without large machinery and equipment, it is difficult to construct large water pier. The main span and access bridge of 60.96 m Beilei steel bridge we used to shorten the construction time have been taken as the main construction time. We will summarize the construction technology of Bailey bridge with the cost method.
2. characteristics of working method
2.1 Bailey bridge is more safe and stable in transportation than cable and cable bridge;
2.2 only excavators, jacks, etc. are required for bridge erecting equipment. It does not need large lifting equipment, with high speed, convenient operation and high efficiency;
2.3 the overall structure is simple, the construction is safe and the construction period is short.
3. Scope of application
This method is applicable to cross river, river, valley and other places, especially the construction cycle of the project, transportation materials for large-scale and difficult construction of water pier.
4. Process principle
The upper steel bridge is built by "cantilever push out method". The so-called "cantilever push out method" is to install rock and roll on both sides of the river. Most of the components of the bridge are assembled on the roll shaft of the launching bank, then artificially or mechanically pulled, and the bridge is smoothly and slowly unfolded, and directly passes through the rock that happened after.

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